Tonirose’s Guide to: Bullet Journals!

I’ve always loved looking at photos of bullet journals and watching videos of people give¬†bullet journal tours.¬†They were always intimidating though. They looked like so much work and commitment and I convinced myself that I didn’t have enough time to keep up with my own. Although, I finally decided to do it and I’m so happy that I did!

Bullet journals are life altering in more ways than one. If you are considering making one, here are a few tips and tricks for bullet journal beginners, from a beginner herself!

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Tonirose’s Guide To: Surviving University

It has been an interesting couple of months, but I finally finished (kind of) my first year of university! Nothing in high school prepared for university. In all honesty, many of the tips you are about to read were acquired through learning about what works for me and what helps me out. With that being said, if you want to know how I survived my first year of university (with little to no stress and emotional breakdowns!) read on!

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