Essence Superfine Eyeliner Review

Black eyeliner has made its place in my everyday makeup routine. As someone who is an avid cat eye wearer, I’m always on the hunt for the most life changing eyeliner In my journey to find the best eyeliner, I’ve had good and bad experiences with high end and drugstore eyeliners alike.

While browsing through the makeup section of my grocery store, I came across a selection of eyeliner that was all below $5! I was amazed to say the least. After swatching as well as investigating the applicators, I finally decided on purchasing the Superfine Eyeliner Pen!

I used the eyeliner in the morning and saw how it wore throughout the day as well as how the removal was. Read further if you’re interested in what my experience was!essence 2

Application: When I applied this eyeliner, I was amazed with how easy and precise it was. The length of the applicator made it extremely easy to create a straight line extending from the corner of my eyes to my inner corners. By the looks of it, I thought that the tip of the eyeliner would be stiff, but it surprisingly isn’t! Although it is a felt tip, it moves as if it is a brush tip (which I love!).essence

The liner was also pigmented, but not extremely black upon first application. I would recommend going over it twice if you are into extremely dark eyeliner. I also noticed that it is a little tacky after application, but with that being said, it doesn’t smudge. If I were to compare it to anything, it would be the Kat Von D eyeliner which is amazing especially since it was only $3.49 as compared to Kat Von D’s $25!

essence 3Wear: The number one deal breaker when it comes to eyeliner is it’s wearability – more specifically, lack thereof. As someone with oily skin, I find that the liner either smudges, or ends up underneath my eye after a few hours. This eyeliner impressed me to the greatest degree. The eyeliner made it through my 11-5 day at school, as well as a work out at the gym! There was no smudging or transfer whatsoever and at this point I was more than impressed with the eyeliner. No eyeliner that I’ve tried has been able to last through the day without me having to retouch or remove under eye smudging!

Removal: Before removing this eyeliner, I swiped my finger across it and it didn’t smudge it at all! When I actually removed it, I did not have panda eyes. It wiped off with ease using my Makeup Eraser – which also impressed me! For a product that lasted so long and didn’t smudge when I swiped it with my finger, it removed so easily.

Final Verdict: I recommend this eyeliner to everyone! Honestly, this is likely to make its place in my everyday makeup routine as well as my holy grail products. With that being said, this is only one out of the collection of eyeliners that Essence sells. I can’t imagine how amazing the Waterproof liner is considering this one did not budge at all! Also, for $3.49, how can you go wrong? This liner is so amazing and such a great dupe for the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner!

I’ve been using this liner for about a week and it still works as great as it did when I purchased it. It has yet to dry out on me or start acting up. I love, love, love this eyeliner!

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helped you find a lovely eyeliner to add to your routine or collection!

xo, tonirose 🙂


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