Pixi Mist Review

This month, Pixi finally arrived in stores around my city. I was walking through the store and I saw a stand with Pixi products… I could not contain my excitement! Of course, I had to pick up a few products to try (because why wouldn’t I?). I am definitely looking forward to trying the other mists that Pixi has, and even their other skincare items!

This month, I tried out 2 of Pixi’s facial mists: The Hydrating Milky Mist and the Makeup Fixing Mist. I decided to wait to create this post because I wanted to give my skin and the products time to adjust in order for me to see the full effects and how well they worked.


** I’m not too sure about that exact price for both of these products because I mistaken threw away the receipt (good job!), but I am almost certain that this product was around the price range of $24 – $29!

  • The Hydrating Milky Mist (~$25)


Rating: 5/10

Out of the two that I purchased, this one was the one I was most excited to try. As a gal with oily combination skin, I thought that this would be great for me because it would just enough moisture to keep my dry skin moisturized and my oily skin somewhat controlled. A few things I love about this product include:

It sprays out a good amount of product and a few pumps could cover your entire face. The product itself is surely set to last you a while. Unless, you get a tad bit too spray happy like myself, you end up using way more than just a few pumps… Although, I am impressed that I’ve been using it for a month and it still quite full. It calms my skin. Surprisingly, this product takes care of any redness on my face! It also subdues any irritation and leave my face looking relatively even. After using this, it leaves my skin feeling smooth.

A few things that you should know before purchasing this are:

It isn’t really something you can use by itself. It definitely gives the best moisturizing results when it is applied underneath another moisturizer. The mist does not give me enough moisture by itself. When I did attempt to moisturize with the mist alone, my face ended up showing signs of dryness halfway through the day! It is not the best choice if you have combination skin (if you’re planning on using it alone.) I found that in order for me to moisturize the dry parts of my face, I have to spray a lot… With that being said, my oil prone places begin to steal the show.

So, all in all, I would recommend this if you are looking for something to add to your skincare routine to help with moisturization or if you have redness on your face. Personally, I could probably do fine without repurchasing this product due to the fact that I can use my moisturizer and get the same results with, or without using this.

  • Makeup Fixing Mist (~$25)


Rating: 10/10!

I saw this product beside the Milky Mist and decided to pick it up to try it out. I’ve been on the hunt for a good setting spray because, frankly, I’m tired of having my makeup give up halfway through the day. Prior to this, I was a little skeptical to the idea of makeup setting sprays, but I may be reconsidering that. A few things I like about this are:

It has a nice smell! I was using a different setting spray before purchasing this and it did not smell very pleasant. This product on the other hand has a nice, light smell that goes away once it dries. It sprays out the perfect mist. My face is covered in a few sprays, all of which are even! I never have to worry about having an uneven application. It can be used as a primer! Using this spray before my makeup has made my makeup look more natural! It also does an amazing job at keeping my makeup on. It makes my makeup look smooth! This spray smooths out my face and makes it look as if I have a filter on (but in real life!). It controls my oil! I can get through the day without blotting or powdering which, again, is an amazing thing! Anything that lessens my makeup application time is amazing to me so I’m pretty much in love with the convenience of this product.

At first, I found that it did not make my makeup last the entire day when I used another primer. Although, once I changed from using a primer to this spray, my makeup wear time has escalated! I’m not sure if it was due to the brand of primer I used, or if this product just works better on its own. With that being said, I do feel as if I am saving money since I don’t have to use a primer. In a sense, I’m getting my money’s worth (so yay to that!).

I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a good setting spray and primer. In comparison to other drugstore setting sprays, this one truly does stand out. I am certain that I will be repurchasing this when I run out (or if I run out… The mist is so fine that I’ve only made a small dent in the product!).


Surprisingly, the product that I wasn’t originally going to purchase was the one I fell in love with the most! I’m so happy that I decided to try it out because now I have a new holy grail item.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found this post helpful!

xo, tonirose.




6 thoughts on “Pixi Mist Review

      1. Yes, it’s the glow tonic! I’m not familiar with the science behind tonic and it’s the first one i’ve ever bought, not sure what it does, but i do feel a difference in my skin. I also think it helps remove the last bit of dirt/makeup cleanser doesn’t get rid off. I really really like it and would highly recommend it!


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