I’m back! (Here’s what I’ve been doing…)

It’s been a while since I last posted on here, but I’m so extremely excited to be posting again. I’ve been doing quite a bit lately so life has been quite hectic, but it’s safe to say that I’ll be posting more often.

If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to lately, here you go:

  1. University! I’m in my second semester of my first year of university. It was a little hectic at first, but I’ve taught myself to deal with it and learn from myself. (I’m looking forward on posting about how I survived my first year. I have quite a collection of tips and tricks that’ll help out the avid procrastinator.) Actually, as I write this post, I’m sitting in class. I should probably be listening. I do not recommend doing that.
  2. I have a YouTube channel! Well, really, I’ve always had one, but as of lately, I’ve been filming and posting more. YouTube was always something that I held myself back on, but I’m proud of myself for actually going through with it. (Click here to check out my YouTube channel! Watch a few of my videos, maybe even subscribe!)
  3. I have a collection of post ideas and products to review! Since my last beauty related post, I have been trying out a plethora of products. Some I love, some I don’t… But surely, a wide range of products! (Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on posts on posts…)

I’ve been stuck at these three points for a bit and it has made me realize that my life hasn’t changed that much from when I was last on here. Aside from that, I hope you’ll join me in my blogging journey (part 2?) and adventures (or lack thereof) in my life. I hope to see you soon!

xo, tonirose.

(I’ve always loved the idea of signing letters, notes – everything – with a nice and simple, xo. Likely due to my lowkey love for Gossip Girl… I guess I can use my blog to do that now!)


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