What would you do with $80?

Finding a few coins on the ground is a regular occurrence. We’ve all discovered coins abandoned in public areas. Typically, the change doesn’t amount to much and I end up saving it in my piggy bank. Finding a few coins on the ground is second nature that you pick up the coins and stow them away without a second thought. I mean, you never really expect to find a huge amount of money just laying there. Honestly, I’m pretty satisfied when I find a dollar or two. That being said, you can probably imagine what went through my head when I found $80 on the ground.

Who  would’ve thought that $80 would cause me to think about life?

After missing two buses and having to walk to the train station from the mall, things weren’t looking up for my friend, Louisse, and I. After walking around the crazy mall we were tired and honestly just wanted to get onto the train and go home.

As we were walking through a Staples parking lot (almost getting hit by a car in the process) I saw something on the ground. From afar it looked like paper, maybe even a few discarded candy wrappers. As we got closer, I realized it was far from paper and candy wrappers. To my surprise, there were four $20 bills laying folded in the parking lot. I was in awe to say the least.

I called Louisse over and we stood there just staring at the money for a few seconds before I picked it up. I was in total shock. I just picked up $80 on the ground. It wasn’t a few dimes and a useless penny. It was $80! My first thought was “Is this real money?”, then I quickly moved onto, “maybe this is part of one of those YouTube pranks.” I seriously looked around a couple of times to check if there was anyone hiding with a camera. Crazy enough, there wasn’t. Someone casually dropped $80 and didn’t notice that they had lost it. The thing that confused me was that there were people in the parking lot and none of them saw the money. After a few minutes of debating on what to do with it, we split the money and each got $40. As we continued our journey to the train station, we encountered a homeless man. Louisse pulled out a $20 and handed it to him. His face lit up and he formed the biggest smile. He wouldn’t stop saying thank you. I was planning to give $20 to the next homeless person that we saw but unfortunately, we didn’t end up seeing anymore. I did make sure that I didn’t spend the money on myself and promised that I would spend it on other people instead.

I think it’s so insane that $80 was casually scattered in the parking lot and no one thought to pick it up. It’s even crazier that the unlucky events lead to us finding that much money. If we ended up waiting for the bus, or if we took the shorter way to the station, we wouldn’t have found it.

Strangely enough, this entire incident got me thinking about life and how fast it moves. You don’t notice things like this because you’re in such a hurry or your mind is consumed with so many things that you don’t realize what’s happening in front of you. It also showed me how much one act of kindness can affect someone. As cliche as it is, happiness is contagious. Change up your routine, take time to look around and appreciate where you are, or try your best to make someone’s day better. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend or maybe your few kind words will help push someone through a hard time. Whether you believe it or not, money is simply an object. If anything, knowing you had a positive impact on someone’s life and having numerous people who love and support you will make you feel rich in life.


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