Senior Year: Week One

I had so many feelings when I walked into those familiar doors on that Tuesday morning. I was tired, excited, nervous, but mostly tired. 

I wasn’t sure how the week would go. Although I was looking forward to being at school again, I wasn’t exactly sure as to how everything would turn out. Luckily, this week went by quickly and easily.

A lot of my teachers were trying to frighten us into dropping courses which I find confusing. Though, the time and commitment that you have to have in order to succeed is what makes everything so hectic. I’ve been trying to get myself to stop pushing things off until the last minute and to just do it then and there. Lately, it’s been working for me. I just hope I can carry it on until the end of the school year.

Also, I’ve been enjoying the whole being a senior thing. It’s kind of interesting to walk through the hallway and have people clear the way for you. Unfortunately, class change hasn’t changed at all. The hallways are always packed and people are slow- if not slower than last year. Sometimes it’s super annoying, other times, I don’t really mind it.

I guess I kinda understand where people are coming from when they say that senior year passes by quickly. This week felt super short.


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