I recently made a trip to Lush in search of their new fresh face masks (Don’t Look at Me & Rosy Cheeks). Unfortunately, the masks weren’t in stock at the store that I went to, but I did end up getting a few other things. 11909624_10152988154735919_359955762_n
CUP O’ COFFEE: $9.95 (I’m pretty sure.)
The first thing I picked up was Cup O’ Coffee. Apparently it was shipped from their new, huge store in London (it was something along those lines). I thought the whole coffee scrub thing was a cool concept so I decided to pick it up.

The first time I tried it, I was pretty impressed with what my skin was like afterwards. When you apply it, it’s kinda sticky (due to the agave) but tolerable. It stuck to my face and insured that the coffee grinds weren’t falling off of my face and making a mess. It has quite a strong scent of coffee. Not going to lie, after having it on for a while, it started smelling like pepper (strange, I know). I left it on for about 5 minutes before washing it off. When I washed it off, I made sure to scrub in circular motions for best results. I really love how since it’s coffee grounds, it doesn’t melt away. Your skin will actually feel so exfoliated after using this. For starters, my skin was smooth and looked a lot brighter. I was actually touching my face a lot because it felt so smooth! The coffee smell lingers on your face for a bit afterwards which I don’t really mind.

I use this every second night just to refresh my skin. It has really been helping my skin! It makes me feel like I’m sitting in a Starbucks drinking and iced coffee or something. I really think that it’s a great product and it’s definitely worth it! 


This was described as a ‘bath bomb for your face,’ so I had to try it. I thought it was a pretty cool concept and it was pretty inexpensive.

In all honesty, this doesn’t really do anything to me. I thought that I’d have radiant, glowing skin after. I was standing over my sink for about 5-10 minutes with a towel over my head just waiting for any results. I don’t think the tab does anything, to be honest. It had a strong smell of tea tree when it was fizzing up in the water, but once it was done dissolving, it had no smell. After using it, my skin didn’t feel any less oily or glowy. I wouldn’t repurchase this product because it really didn’t do anything for me and I there weren’t any noticeable changes in my skin afterwards.


I also got a few free samples to try out. The woman working was definitely super helpful and asked me questions about my hair which lead to hear giving me these samples.

No Drought Dry Shampoo. I was so excited to try this out because it smelled so good and fresh and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. Dry shampoo is always a hit or miss for me. Typically, I use aerosol canned dry shampoo because it’s the quickest and easiest thing for me. It took a while for me to discover dry shampoo that actually works for me. My hair gets oily pretty quick which made using this an easy thing. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t really do much for my hair. It still looked oily and it was quite messy to use as well. I wouldn’t go back and purchase the full size of this product. I’d rather stick to using my Batiste dry shampoo, to be honest. (Price for full size: $13.95)

R&B Hair Moisturizer.  My hair isn’t super dry and frizzy, but from time to time my ends get a tad bit dry so I was happy to try this out. It smells so good! It’s kind of like lotion for your hair, honestly. I recommend only taking a tiny bit and applying it to the ends of your hair because I could see how this stuff could make your hair look greasy. When I first applied it, there wasn’t a change in my hair. It felt the same as it did before, so I was kind of disappointed. After waiting for about 15 minutes, my hair felt so smooth and it was so shiny! I was actually so surprised because the ends of my hair looked so healthy! I think this could be used for perfecting the slicked back ponytail or just having a slicked back look in general. Also, this stuff smells amazing and the scent stays on your hair for a really long time! Although I wouldn’t purchase the full size of this product (just because I don’t have dry, frizzy hair and it’s also pretty pricey) I would recommend trying it out and seeing what it does to your hair. (Price for full size: $22.95-$42.95)

I Love Juicy Shampoo. This is the thing that I was most excited for. I was told that it would help control my greasy hair and keep it in check. My hair gets oily quickly. Quickly as in, shower at night, my hair will be oily by tomorrow afternoon. You actually don’t need a lot of this stuff for it to lather. My hair is definitely long, and I used a tiny bit to lather all over my head. When I washed it out, my hair felt a tad bit dryer than usual. I mean, it didn’t feel as smooth as it usually does when I use other shampoos. My scalp felt so clean, which is definitely a weird thing to say. It just felt as if the products that I use in my hair were totally washed out, which is a strange feeling. After I showered, I blow dried it and I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that my hair still smelled like the shampoo. A lot of the Lush products smell good once you use them and then the smell fades away after you wash the product out. It actually leaves you hair smelling great! Not to mention, my hair was incredibly shiny, smooth, and voluminous. Since my hair get oily quickly, I was expecting to wake up with a little bit of oil at my roots. The was no oil at all. Believe me when I say that I was amazed at what it did. By the end of the day, my hair still had no sign of oil. My hair would probably appreciate not being washed every single day as well. I’m still shocked at how well this stuff works, honestly! I know for a fact that I’d going to do back to Lush and purchase the full size of this because it does wonders. I just can’t say enough good things about this stuff! Try it out! (Price for full size: $9.95- $29.95)

I’m actually planning on making another trip to Lush so I can pick up the two new fresh face masks. I’m still trying to find the fresh face mask that makes my face feel amazing! Keep an eye out for my review on that!



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