My ‘Everyday’ Makeup: August 2015

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, and I finally got around to doing it! Of course, I don’t wear makeup everyday. When I do wear it, this is usually what I put onto my face. So, if you’re interested in knowing what makeup I use, continue reading!


For some reason, the quality of the picture is absolute trash, but fear not! I’ll make sure to include the name of the product and what it does. I even tried to put the makeup in order of application (how clever!). Unfortunately, I mixed up the setting powder and concealer (not so clever!).

  1. Primer. This product is NYX’s Shine Killer. I’m actually not quite sure if this NYX product is supposed to be used as a primer, but I do it anyway and it works! I love how this product makes my skin feel, and it’s a pretty good dupe for Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer! My cousin gave me this primer and I’ve been using it like crazy! It really does keep my face matte, but it does require the use of a setting powder. Sometimes when I go without the setting powder, my face does get a tad bit oily around my t-zone, but not as intense as when I don’t use this product. Overall, I definitely recommend this! Price: ranges from $14 to $25 (I had to google it).
  2. Foundation. The foundation I use is Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous in the color Soft Honey. I really like how this foundation isn’t too heavy on my skin. It really doesn’t feel like I’m wearing foundation when I’m wearing this stuff! It has a pump applicator (which I love!) and it’s just so amazing. It really matches my color, and sets on my skin well. It also lasts all day which is a bonus. Price: $12.97
  3. Concealer. My concealer choice really depends on what I’m planning to do that day. When I’m not planning to be out long, or when my skin doesn’t need a lot of concealing, I use Rimmel’s Match Perfection Concealer. It’s great for covering under eye circles and the occasional redness on my face. The brush tip allows for easy application, and makes cleaning up the brows a breeze! On days where I know I’ll be out for a bit, if it’s hot, or if I need a bit more concealing, I use my cream concealer palette. I bought this off of Amazon and it works really well. I usually have to mix the colors to get my specific shade, as you can see, I’ve hit pan on a lot of the colors. I definitely recommend these two concealers! Price: $6.98 & $3.00+shipping.
  4. Setting Powder. I’ve been using Maybelline’s Fit Me Setting Powder and I’ve been loving it. I have it in the transparent shade, which kind of leaves a white cast around your face if you don’t blend it out good. It doesn’t really keep my skin matte, though. I’ve noticed that when I use the shine killer primer and this setting powder, my face definitely stays matte and stays matte for a while. With other primers, it doesn’t last as long. It does say that it’s for normal to oily skin, but I think it may be better for normal skin types. Price: $6.96
  5. Eyebrows. My favorite eyebrow stuff so far is the Sonia Kashuk eyebrow quad. The colors really match my current hair color, and I even mix some. I use the first color for outlining, the second and third for filling in, and the last color to blend everything out. Honestly, it’s my favorite eyebrow stuff ever! I recommend this stuff because it’s so amazing and easy to use. This was super cheap when I got it because I purchased it during Target’s closing sale. Awesome sales, but I’m sad that we don’t have Target anymore. Price: $9.99 but I got it for $2.00!
  6. Eyebrow setting gels. I set my brows using Maybelline’s Brow Setting Gel and Etude House’s Give Me Color. These are pretty good for keeping my brows in place. Nothing too special about them though. If you’re not into filling in your brows, you can swipe either on your brows and you’ll have color without filling them in! The Maybelline one has a pretty cool applicator and definitely goes on darker than the Etude house one. The one from Etude house makes for a more natural look. Price: $6.39 & $7.80
  7. Eyeliner. I use Kat Von D’s Tatto Ink Liner Trooper for my winged liner and Elizabeth Arden’s Pencil Liner for lining my waterline. Both are amazing products, but I definitely think that there are cheaper alternatives available. The Kat Von D liner lasts for a while, but if you have oily skin, it smudges easily and won’t stay as opaque as it was when applied. The pencil liner definitely has a dupe, and I’d suggest just getting a drugstore liner. Honestly, pencil liners are all the same to me. What I do like about this liner is that it has a smudging end which would be really good for smokey eyes and smudging out liner! Price: $23.00 & ~$20.00
  8. Mascara. I use Benefits Rollerlash Mascara. After hearing raved reviews about this product I had to test it out myself. Curled lashes without a eyelash curler? Yes please! This mascara is so great at making your lashes longer and dark, but it doesn’t curl your lashes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even hold the curl if I curl my lashes with a lash curler. Disappointing product and doesn’t do what it says it’ll do, but at least it makes my lashes look nice? Maybe it’ll work better on someone with curl holding lashes, or someone who already has some curl to their lashes. It’s not something that I’ll repurchase, nor do I really recommend. There are definitely some drugstore dupes out there that hold curl and make your lashes beautiful! Price: $30.00
  9. Contour. Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer is my favorite thing on this planet! It has great color payoff, and contours with a few swipes. I love the cute packaging and how it comes with a little brush. This stuff is on the pricey end, but it does last a while. I just love how to color looks with my skin and how natural it makes my contour look. I definitely recommend this stuff! Price: $28.00
  10. Highlighting. I’m not an avid highlighter. Really, I highlight when I have extra time or when I wanna feel a little bit snazzy. I use my two benefit samples of  Watts Up and Highbeam. I use Highbeam first, then go over that with Watts Up. I don’t think highlighting really does anything to my face, but apparently it does. I haven’t noticed a significant difference, but hey, this stuff is free and I’m gonna use it until I notice a difference. Out of the two, I like high beam better because it’s liquid and it’s easier to blend out. Price: free, but usually $26.00 & $30.00
  11. Blush. I’m going to be honest, I don’t use blush on the daily basis. When I do, I use Elf’s Contour Blush Palette. It’s a subtle color with a subtle glimmer to it. Not too flashy, and quite natural looking (minus the sparkle). I recommend this palette because it’s cheap and lasts a long time! Price: $3.00

Anyway, this is what I put onto my face to achieve the look I typically wear. This was a really long post, but I hope it makes up for my lack of posting lately!


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