Back To School: Senior Year (part 1?)

I’m so excited and nervous to finally be able to say that I’m heading into my lat year of high school. It’s weird thinking about it because I can still remember doing stuff in elementary school. It’s a cool concept to think about,

leaving your school behind and following what you really want to do. I like to think of it as a new beginning.

Sometimes I can’t help but look back at pictures from previous school years and just remember everything. I mean, I’m heading off to pursue my dreams and I’m finally gonna be able to actually ‘do me’.

I’ve read so many things about making the last year count because it goes by way too quick. I think that’s what makes me more nervous. I just don’t want to watch my life pass by, then regret not doing things when I look back. That’s why I’ve made a few personal goals for me to achieve.

I know I’m probably overthinking this whole thing, but I really and excited to finally do stuff for me, and see my future carve it’s way into my life.

I’m super excited and I can’t wait for everything to turn out.


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