5 Things That Make Me Happy

Since making a list like this made me feel super great, I decided to do it again! Enjoy.

  1. Music. I think everyone knows how important music is to a lot of people. It’s a way of expression for a lot of people. It shapes who we are as people, believe it or not. The type of music you listen to may affect your attitude, appearance, the people you hang out with and even the life you live. I think music is a great tool for self expression and that’s why I love it so much. Music can make people feel many emotions. It can pull at your heart strings or even make you insanely happy. Music has a worldwide affect on everyone and I think that’s pretty amazing.
  2. 5 Second of Summer. This one is definitely obvious if you read my last post about my concert experience. Bands like 5SOS are seriously so amazing. They have such an impact on youth and they use that to spread love and positivity. I think that’s such an amazing thing for artist who have younger fans to do because the world we live in is so consumed by negativity and things that make you feel self hatred. 5SOS reassures and makes sure that their fans know that being themselves is the best they can be. This band is also super funny. I know that when I’m feeling down I can search up an interview video and be cheered up in 5 seconds (haha get it?) This band makes me so incredibly happy, it’s insane. I couldn’t thank them enough for all they have done for me, as well as what they’ve done fr the rest of the fandom.
  3. Travelling. I love seeing new places and new things. The feeling of exploration and experiencing new things is absolutely my favorite thing. I’m not a huge fan of flying on planes (because I’m paranoid as heck and I get airsick (is that what it’s called?)) and long road trips aren’t my thing but dealing with those two events is definitely worth it if I get to see a new city filled with new people. It makes me so happy to see so many people that I haven’t seen before in a place that I haven’t been to. I hope to travel the world with the one I love when I get older because that would be an amazing and memorable experience.
  4. Animals. I’m an animal lover! I think our furry friends are absolute joys to our world and we should treat them with the utmost respect and love.  We are surrounded by these cute creatures and rather than hurting them, I believe we should embrace them! They do a lot of things out of love, whether it be for us or for their family. I always find myself smiling at those cute little animal videos and pictures when they’re just being themselves because they’re so cute! I really want to go around the world and sow love to every animal out there because a lot of people are really mean and they hurt animals. I think that every animal in the world deserves a nice little hug and a pat on the head.
  5. YouTube. I love watching YouTube videos. I watch these videos everyday before I go to sleep and throughout the day if I’m not doing anything. I really do love youtubers because they are usually down to earth and they know how to deal with their fan bases. They’re such influential people and they really do handle that well. I really want to become a youtuber because I want to get my word across and spread messages that make people feel great about themselves. Maybe one day I’ll end up filming a video. ‘Til then, you’re stuck with me WordPress.

There you go! 5 more things that make me the happiest gal ever! Look forward to more of these posts!


3 thoughts on “5 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I agree with pretty much your entire list! 🙂 and I must say, 5 Seconds of Summer brings me more joy than just about anyone in the whole world whoops. 22 days till I see them in concert and I’m slowly dying of anticipation. Anyway, I love your blog!


      1. I’ll keep that in mind! Although I’ll probably be shaking too much to get a decent pic whoops. No problem, you’re a fantastic writer!


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