5 Seconds of Summer in Edmonton

Yesterday I went to 5SOS’s concert in Edmonton. It felt surreal to see those four boys on that stage just steps away from me, performing songs that I had only heard through my headphones.


It’s a mix of emotions to see the people you love and look up to on stage right in front of your eyes. They weren’t just those boys on my screen anymore because they were¬†right there.¬†I never thought that I’d ever get to meet them. I thought they’d be on the list of people I want to see but would never end up seeing.

I think the greatest feeling was being able to look up and seeing them looking down at me. I loved seeing them smile and joke around with each other on stage because it really shows that they love what they do and I’m so happy about that. There are not enough words to describe how utterly I am in love with them and how this concert made me feel. I just can’t believe that I was in the same room as them, a step or two away from the stage.

Also, I can’t believe that I can use my own photos for my backgrounds and such. Can you believe that I myself took that picture above? I sure can’t! I’m just sosososo happy with everything right now and I’m super thankful!


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