My Horrible Salon Experience

In December of 2014, my family and I went on a trip to the Philippines. There, we spent time with family, did a lot of shopping and eating, and had a lot of fun spending time together. The Philippines is also the place where I got my hair colored at a salon for the first time. It was terrible.It was the day before Christmas Eve. We went to a salon that my aunt goes to regularly for haircuts. After numerous months of thinking about it, I finally got brave enough to get the tips of my hair purple. At arrival, the place was small and packed. There were people in line who were literally standing outside waiting for a haircut. My aunt was greeted with a hug by one of the women working there and she introduced my mom and I before we showed her what we wanted for our hair. I had a few pictures of hair with purple tips so the hairdresser could have a good look at what I wanted. We sat and waited there for a few minutes before getting called over by a hairdresser.

When I sat in the chair, I showed the hairdresser the pictures that I had saved on my iPad. He looked at them and nodded his head stating that he had done it before and he knew what to do. He then proceeded to grab purple hair dye and he said he was going to apply it directly to my hair. I was confused because my hair is a dark brown, almost black. I knew that simply applying it to my hair wouldn’t have the affect I wanted. Another hairdresser came over and stopped him, telling him to bleach my hair first. He went to the back and grabbed some bleach. He separated my hair in half then proceeded to apply bleach from the tips of my hair to the middle sections of my hair. II was baffled because I had told him and showed him numerous pictures of hair with purple tips. He told me that he would kind of do an ombre’d out look to my hair so I just went with it.

After applying the bleach, he told me to get out of the chair so he could deal with another client. I found this strange, as he didn’t have a timer for the bleach and he wouldn’t be able to monitor the way the bleach was affecting my hair if I was sitting behind him while he was cutting and dying other people’s hair. I did as I was told anyway because he said that he knew what he was doing.

After about 30 minutes, he called me back and got someone to wash the bleach out of my hair. Once it was washed out and blow dried, he noticed that it wasn’t bleached to the color he wanted so he proceeded to apply bleach to my hair again. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that applying applying bleach to hair that was already bleached is definitely a call for totally fried hair. Bleaching your hair in general is a risky thing because bleach can damage your hair a lot. At this point, I was really anxious and upset. If you know me at all, my anxiety gets to me and I have to breathe deeply in order to stay calm. That was me the entire time while I was waiting for the second layer of bleach to process. After he applied the second layer of bleach, he sent me to sit down behind him again while he worked on more clients.

30 minutes later, he called me back and decided that my hair was to be washed out again. The bleach was washed out and I was back in the chair, then my hair was blow dried. After that, he got out the purple dye and began applying it to my hair. At this point, I was calming down because adding the purple meant that I was almost done with the entire situation and I thought I’d finally have the purple hair that I wanted. I definitely thought wrong. 

He applied the dye to the bleached part of my hair and I was finally able to just sit in the chair while the color processed. After 20 minutes, my hair was washed yet again and was blow dried. I couldn’t wait to see the purple in my hair because I just wanted it to be over. I looked down at my hair and saw a color that was definitely not purple. My hair was bright, neon pink. 

Let’s just sum up what my hair was like; it was bright neon pink staring at the middle of the bottom section of my hair. It was totally fried, it felt like straw and it was probably breaking off intensely when it was being blow dried. 

I sat there staring at my hair, so upset, as they applied an oil treatment. Before I knew it, I started crying in the salon. I wanted dark purple tips for my hair and instead I got neon pink hair that wasn’t even ombre’d as the hairdresser said he would do. I sat in horror as I saw the bright pink color in my hair. I was crying, no, bawling while people in the salon stared. I didn’t care if they were judging me because I was definitely judging myself 10x harder. I just wanted to get swallowed up by the ground or something because I felt so terrible.

I did end up liking the pink but week or so after that, we went to a salon that is well known and I ended up dying my hair a beautiful red color with some highlights.

Moral of the story, research your salons! Talk to your hairdresser and clarify what you want! Speak up if there is something bugging you!


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