5 Things That Make Me Happy

Since making a list like this made me feel super great, I decided to do it again! Enjoy.

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I’m so excited for the next few weeks. I’m doing so much, seeing so many people, place and things. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited in my life. Can I just say that I’m seeing 5 Seconds of Summer in a total of 3 days? I think I might pass out of something because they’re gonna be real, and not just images on my computer screen. A few days after that, we’re going on a road trip to Oregon. I’ve been looking at pictures of the house we are renting for the week and it makes me 5 times more excited. I can’t wait!

I’m very happy that I have stuff to look forward to now. We live in a world where we are stuck in a schedule. Our once eventful days turn into boring repeats of the days before. Being able to look forward to things is such a blessing. Knowing that something exciting is going to happen in a few days makes life a little more interesting.

Body Positivity

“If the person you saw in the mirror was your best friend, would you be saying those things that you tell yourself to her?”

Lately body posi has been a popular topic among everyone in social media. I absolutely love this trend in more ways than one. Being a girl myself, I do feel the pressure of society to look a certain way, weigh this much, have this hair, etc. Sometimes remaining body positive in a word so appearance based is hard. Sometimes loving yourself seems like that hardest thing to do.  Continue reading “Body Positivity”


Whether it be a video of one floating in a sink, or a picture of one raising it’s arm up and cheering you on, you’ve come to be familiar to those prickly little pets that are taking over the internet.

What are they? Hedgehogs of course.

Do you want one? Of course! Look at it’s little face!

But before you head to your local pet store in search of these cute little balls of prickles, here are some things you may want to know. (Cute hedgehog pics included!)



I always seem to get asked a few questions when a conversation about Lush cosmetics comes up. “What do you recommend? Why do you like it? What should I not try? What isn’t worth it? Any holy grails?” I thought it’d be easier to answer those questions in a single text post! I’ll include my favorites, least favorites and things that I’m kinda of on the edge about.

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